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Why Self Care Is Needed More Than Ever During This Pandemic: COVID19

When you think of Self Care do you think of getting your nails done or buying yourself that 5-week program on spiritual awaking? Well, yes self care are things like that, but not it doesn’t have to be expensive things. If you truly feel certain things you true joy that means well for your situations then by all means. But the point is, you do not have to spend a penny on feeling better.

During this 2020 COVID19 pandemic we are burdened with thoughts of uncertainty. Some aren’t sure where they will get their next paycheck from, when they can return to work, some can’t visit loved ones in hospitals or are stuck in bad situations in foreign countries. Peoples lives are changing, anxiety is at an all time high, and care is needed more than ever. Countless injustices are happening for years and are more apparent to the majority now thanks to media and people bringing a larger voice which is amazing. There are still injustices happening, but at least now people are less afraid to speak up and change minds. With violence and anxiety levels increasing, self care is needed more these days. To go back into it, self care is inherently “taking care of ones self” according to Merriam Dictionary. It encompasses all things that are “good” for you.

Self care is your physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

Physical Health

Sleep is ESSENTIAL regardless. Resting the mind will allow the body to regulate itself and recharge for the next day. Feeling sluggish is so 2020, let’s say that going into 2021!

Some other ways of achieving physical health is to walk around, literally anyways and anyplace to expand your horizons and make new memories.

Physical health is also what nutrients you are ingesting. Keep note on your new found habits since the pandemic started. Speaking for myself, I’ve found a new love for Nutella and it’s not great if you ask me today… Point is, try to keep to healthy eating and not overdoing it with bad options or fast food!


If you find yourself in a new situation in life and stressing out more than usual, take a moment and write down your thoughts and emotions. Talk to someone about it if you feel it’s something you are lost about. Therapists are available and open ears, if you have trouble then there are affordable ways to seek help. Check out our resources page found here.


We have been having wars since the beginning of time, towards animals and us, towards each other and countries and towards ourselves. Compassion amongst everyone is really needed. During this time, let’s try to be nicer to one other and be more understanding for different situations.

Boundaries are something else we’ve created with countries, groups, and ourselves. One boundary some people are not the best at are with creating boundaries within relationships or even ourselves. Respecting peoples spaces and understanding the twitches. Social is a complicated area, but if we started to take a moment to understand a situation versus react with emotions, then we may be in a more peaceful world.

Communication is key , we all know this phrase. It’s tiresome, but why are we still so bad at it? Maybe some are not practicing healthy communication methods. There are so many different types that are crucial for growth in relationships or maybe becoming completely ghosted? That’s a term that’s definitely not new.


Alone time can be your best moments of the day if you can spend seconds or minutes reflecting can change the whole outcome of your day. Setting out candles, incense or favorite decor. Make a wellness corner and practice you time in it ~

Connecting with yourself is the ultimate self care path. If you are not aligned with you then how can you be your authentic and relaxed self? When you’re in situations where you feel anxiety or around people where you are threatened then you will perform your best. Once you connect with yourself and calm the nerves, you’ll be able to move mountains!

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