Frequently Asked Questions


By Appointment Only

Located at 2518 Jefferson Street, Napa CA & Bay Area Homes within a 30 mi. radius


Do you have Safety Protocols for in-person visits?

Yes, view our Site Specific Protection Plan (SPP)


What Services do you offer?

Massage, Skincare, Waxing, Threading, Eyelash Extensions, Workshops, Events


What are your Methods of Payment?

We are Cashless and take online payments and in-person card payments (Visa/Mastercard)


What are your Membership Tiers?
  • Bula Membership - Massages

  • Serenity Membership - Skincare

  • Golden Membership - Combination


What is your Membership Policy?
  • Cancel Anytime

  • No refunds once services are used for the month.

  • Appointments must be cancelled with at least 24 hours notice.


Any benefits for me and my family? YES!
  • Friends & Family Shared Service included with membership

Lash Extensions FAQs

What do I do when I have lash extensions from another artist and then come to Cater2me Spa & Salon for the fill and already paid the deposit?

In our policy, we require a pre screening (picture or in-person visit) if you already have another artists lash set. If you schedule without approval, pay deposit, and find that we are unable to match the previous style or am not the right artist for you, then you will forfeit your deposit.

What do I do when my eyes are irritated?

Don't remove the lashes yourself. The irritation is from the adhesive fumes or gel pads rubbing close to your eye during the procedure, it should go away within 2 - 5 days. If it gets worst, we advise to see your doctor. We can also remove the lashes at no cost.