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Days truly get busy and people often forget about taking care of themselves. That’s why we’re here as an option when it comes to self care. De-stress and feel catered to with Cater2me Spa & Salon. 


Conveniently servicing the Bay Area and physically located in Napa Valley, CA. Our mission is to provide resources that bring more wellness into your life! ​

We offer not just services but also wellness workshops, events, clothing and products! With the goal to offer free to affordable resources and advice blogs. We truly care about having a well balanced life to promote wellness.


By taking care of ourselves, we can take on anything!

"It can be hard to make time for yourself when your to-do list is endless. Start by making your self care time a priority and watch how much happier you'll feel!" - Founder

Join the movement by making “self care time” your priority!

🌴 In-Home Services | CA Bay Area residents within 30 miles

Palm Tree
Cater2me Spa & Salon caters to one person at a time. Massage, skincare and beauty services are offered by appointment only to adhere to COVID-19 standards.
Serving Napa Valley since 2019, our spa & salon provides a relaxing mini getaway to anyone who visits. We offer a cold beverage before or after the service, there is plenty of parking in the plaza as well as flexible hours for the weekend!

Visit our website for any promo services & join our social media for ongoing updates!
~ We serve a tropical vibe inside and out to create a relaxing session ~

🌴 A Few Islander Words 🌴

(Fiji) BULA “Hello” | (Fiji) VINAKA “Thank You” & “Bye” | (Hawaiian) MAHALO “Thank You”


Curious about how to say HELLO in different islander languages?

Fiji - BULA | Samoa - TALOFA | Tonga - MALO E LELEI | NZ Maori - KIA ORA | Tahiti - 'LA ORA NA | Cook Islands - KIA ORA NA | Hawaii - ALOHA | Philippines - KAMUSTA

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