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Yoga & Exercise Classes

Yoga with Brittany

Brittany Behar

Yoga Instructor


"Yoga has been an essential part of my life for over five years. It has helped me become more calm, balanced, flexible, strong and confident, both on and off the mat. It truly has changed my life for the better and I'd love to help it do the same for yours. ⠀

Exercise with Jordan
Jordan Bethany Fitness

Fitness Instructor

"My passion for health began over tens years ago when I began working as a nurse. During the years I worked as a nurse I went through my own weight loss journey losing over 50 pounds and really embracing a healthy-lifestyle. I genuinely understand the struggle to get healthy and fit. The journey is physical but requires overcoming difficult mental struggles. I wanted to support and provide guidance to help others get through this challenging journey. I made a big jump in my life and became a personal trainer.

What seems like overnight I began working for the local gym that I spent years working out at going through my own transformation. I began training men and women, ranging from age 19 to 70. The experience I had with my clients truly inspired me."⠀

Stretch & Meditation with Naaz
Monthly 10AM PST / 1PM EST / 12PM CST

Naaz Ali

Wellness Enthusiast​

"My goal has always been revolved around promoting self care. Working in Corporate America at a young age exposed me to a workaholic lifestyle. I had a hard time at first until I started reaching out for support. Seeking talk therapy and mentors I was able to bounce slowly back. With my newfound goal to keep a healthy balance came the idea of Cater2me Spa & Salon which makes receiving wellness in one place. Since 2017 I had begun with self care articles and soon went into eCommerce and quickly decided to go back to school to explore the beauty industry while working on wellness practices. Being able to balance wellness & work had been a struggle, but with monthly reminders to fit in mental learning, fitness and health with the Self Care weekend, I can now say I'm making myself a priority."

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