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7 Tips During Covid-19

COVID-19, the pandemic that continues to shake the world in 2020 has affected everyone one way or another. People are losing jobs, kids are adjusting to new school systems, and the elderly are more in danger with their health.

We must be extra careful with washing hands and practicing social distancing to take care of our physical health. However, it is also important to take care of our mental health.

This page will provide you with 7 tips on how to take care of yourself during COVID-19.

  1. Get Geared For Safety To limit surface and airborne germs entering your body, you must be protected. We’ve search the web for some cost friendly options for the top needed protective gear (face shields are optional but the rest are pretty useful):

  1. Limit Contact & Stay Clean! It can be hard to limit contact from each other since this new rule has been enforced since March 2020. The 6 ft distance is not fully being practiced by everyone, if you are one of these people, here are ways to limit contact.

    • Clean and disinfect surfaces with alcohol 72%+

    • Stay at home as much as possible

    • If you plan to go outside for the following scenarios:

      • Work - Reach out to supervisor/manager for the best time/day to go to work with the least amount of people traffic.

      • Stores - Use the Curbside pickup whenever possible. If this is not an option, then be properly geared for store access.

      • Events - Do not go, but if this is not possible, reach out to the planner to find out how many people will attend and what social distancing practices are being practiced.

      • Family Gatherings - Try to limit family gatherings as well. If needed to attend, try virtually instead and try to limit until vaccines are available.

  1. Practice Mindful Techniques Stress is in an all time high. We are literally experiencing a historic pandemic that is causing loss everywhere from people losing lives, businesses, jobs, and even our minds. These are just a few techniques to try:

  1. Clear Your Space A cluttered space can cause anxiety and even stress. By clearing your environment of dirt, misplaced clothes and/or dirty dishes can help bring in fresh ideas and perspectives.

    • Check out Marie Kondo! Throw away clutter if it does not bring you joy..

    • Organize your documents and clothing for easy access

    • Have a system of where you put widely used accessories

    • Keep things tidy and easily accessible

  1. Reach Out To Others Keep in mind some people are not good about reaching out when they are going through emotions. By helping others, you will feel good knowing you were there for your friend. Reaching out to people of need can heal the soul, dive on into helping others for inner peace.

    • Call or text friends and family and check in if there are any resources they need, food, supplies, or a friend to lend a listening ear.

    • Support virtually by becoming a mentor, advisor, or volunteer in charities

  1. Support Local Businesses Small businesses are hit hard during COVID-19. With the Shelter In Place order, businesses are forced to close up shop and wait until the order is lifted. If you are in need of resources, it is very helpful to visit your local shops website for what supplies they have for sale. By keeping these small businesses afloat, you are helping a family pay their bills and continue living without too much fear from loss of business.

  2. Seek Support If You Are In Need Continue being your #1 supporter when it comes to surviving COVID. We are our best support when it comes to knowing when and where to mandatorily use face masks, use hand sanitizer, and keep social distant. If there is ever a moment of weakness, know there are resources out there that can support you if you are not able to reach out to your family and friends. Check out this link for hotline resources, if you are not able to reach these resources, then message us that you need help (707)710-8272.

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