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Self-Care Explained

What is self-care? Self-care is an individuals actions around physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being that reflects the way that we take care of ourselves. It’s all about making small and purposeful efforts towards a more meaningful life. Self-care can look like many things such as blocking out time to paint, going out with friends, and even as simple as planning healthy meals instead of reaching for junk food. Including self-care activities into your life can provide more motivation and pleasure while cutting back on stress, worry, and for some people, irritability. Why is self-care important? When we don’t take care of ourselves, we’re more likely to feel fatigued and get physical symptoms, like stress-related headaches or pain. The biggest thing is being intentional of how we take care ourselves. When we’re not last on the task list, we have more energy to do what’s important to us. Basically, it's time to put your happiness in the forefront. There’s a misconception that self-care is something we have to spend a ton of money on. This is completely not true. There are ways for you to take care of yourself on a budget such as spending extra time with shower thoughts or even just randomly smiling at someone who probably is having a bad day. Guess what, you may have just made their day and that's something good for the heart and therefore your self as well.  Research advocating eating healthily, getting regular exercise, and taking care of our mental health might outlast any buzzword, but whatever you want to call it, self-care isn't going away.  Some Self Care Activities Take time out of your day and have YOU time!

  • Daily have a moment to meditate or reflect on your day

  • Organize your space or clean up your environment

  • Practice breathing exercises to manage stress

  • Do your own nails, facial, or even draw a bath, relaxation timeee

  • Read a book that you’ve been putting off for too long

  • Write down in a diary or notepad of what makes you happy

  • Reflect on your life and make a gratitude list or bucket list

  • Exercise, physical activity brings serotonin and euphoria

  • Do some spring cleaning, find items you forgot you purchased

  • Write down thoughts on emotions to later understand solutions Share your Tip to be featured! Tag @Cater2me_SpaSalon and #Cater2meSelfCareTip When you’re ready for a therapeutic massage or relaxing facial, give us a try and receive 20% off for being a new client! We are invested in helping you achieve a happier life.

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