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Stressed? Maybe Revise Your Routine

Have you ever stopped to check if your routine is right for you?

Some routines are just completely wrong and just continue to stress you out! Sometimes your routine is created randomly and you just go for it for years without thinking if it’s wrong. For myself, I can’t get over how happy I am after revising my routine early this year. I used to go years using one skincare product for my face or even the same contact solution not even considering a better one out there.

Get out a pen and paper and start listing your routine. Where you have question marks, revise them with the necessary people. For example, you have a question mark next to “take morning meds”. Take a moment and see your doc if those meds are still right for you to take! Sometimes we’re on autopilot and need to take a step back. Here’s my high level breakdown, I’ll also breakdown the steps you need to take to get the best out of your routine!


  1. Write down your daily or weekly habits/routine.

  2. Think about which parts of your routine that bothers you.

  3. Think about ways your can make your habits efficient (moving certain tasks to different days)

  4. List tasks that you feel you need to revise (ex: “Do I really need to drink Starbucks coffee every morning - or can I invest in a Keurig and save money?)

  5. Now re-write your new Self Care Routine and take on 2020 with a new perspective!

When you’re ready for a therapeutic massage or relaxing facial, give us a try and receive 20% off for being a new client! We are invested in helping you achieve a happier life.

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